Offerings of lead and steel


Offerings of lead are made to HER weekly and we train in HER name we chant HER many names in between trigger pulls AGIA H AZANIGIN 106. Lead and steel can be said to be the causal metals and sigils representing Saturn and Mars, we collide these metals with pure razor sharp intent as an Evocation to HER. We see this as a direct formula Invoking Falcifer/Saturn and Mars/Alastoros. On the TOW there is a great triangle of energy that exists between the Sun Sphere the Mars Sphere and the Saturn sphere and if this Vindexian triangle is balanced in man Vindex is made manifest. Some say we have seen Vindex many times in a human being but these three forces were out of alignment. The human host is the final piece needed to ground this Atazothic energy in the Causal as Vindex. As we force ourselves deeper down the rabbit hole in our own paths we face many trials and eventually if we make it far enough and we begin to see beyond the masks we have fallen in love with and we begin to see beyond the causal way of percieving the Numinous, this is when we see the true face of the Minotaur at the center of the Labyrinthos mythologicus. We look face to face with the great Bull Noctulius when we enter this path and it seems the entire way we seek to understand it, to see through the lies of this causal dimension but nothing remains stagnant in this path and the road seems to twist and turn and never end but such is the true essence of Pathei Mathos, we must experience these changes ourselves to become more Acausal and it is the experience itself that is the entire purpose. NUMINOUS IS SHE AGIA 106.



Cult of Baphomet




The Cult of Baphomet can be seen in many places throughout time all over the Earth planet.  This was a cult based upon the Muliebral side of Nature and Physis, usually what can be termed the darker feminine side of Nature.  Really this Goddess is Numinous but depending on situation and perspective especially from a causal view this being may seem “dark” or Sinister.  We can compare Baphomet to several beings across time but in Hostia we see that She is directly tied to the Jupiter Sphere the Egyptian Goddess Bastet called Bubastis in the Greek areas’ and the lunar sister of the sun God Apollo named Artemis.  Baphomet in Hostia is also said to be linked to the Templars in their “female Yeshua” tradition, Cats, and the pentagram of the Pythagoreans.  Her name may be tied to the meanings dyed, stained, or dipped in blood.  She was said to be a Goddess of a military cult in her Templar depiction.  She is said in Her Sinister or Acausal aspects to be tied to Jupiter and her causal or Numinous aspects are tied to Venus.  Rites of sacrifice and blood were common among these cults and willing human sacrifice is said to have taken place.




Artemis is said to be tied to the Earthly aspect of Hecate as Persephone is tied to her cthonic aspect, and Selene for her heavenly aspect or form.  Artemis is said to be tied to the Moon as her brother Apollo is tied to the Sun.  She was originally a Fertility Goddess but was also tied to wild animals and the wild hunt.  Most of Her names translate to titles such as chaste and pure and sometimes Virgin and maiden and protector of woman and girls.  We also see older titles that seem to describe a huntress like of the hunt, or shafts of gold, or far shooting, Queen of beasts, and of showering arrows.  In one myth regarding Artemis as described by Aeschylus, Artemis sort of curses the Greeks with bad wind so they could not set sail during the Trojan war.  This happened supposedly due to one of the stags that belonged to Artemis on Earth being shot with an arrow, this of course makes one think of the 7FW mythos of Aosoth a Goddess tied to the Clun Forest in Shropshire and a white Hind that was shot with an arrow that is still seen in the area as a sort of omen of the betrayal of Nature and Numinous Physis.  In another similar version of the myth two  Athenian men killed a Bear sacred to Artemis and she sent a plague upon them that would only cease if the Athenians would consecrate their daughters to the Bear Artemis every 5 years.  Artemis is also tied to a practice that involved females going through a period of so called ritual wildness before puberty, in these rites females worshiped a great she bear Artemis and wore her masks and carried her images in this form.  Another myth tied to her includes Artemis causing plauge and famine because a female priestess entertained a lover in her temple.  During the She Bear Artemis rites Saffron robes were worn that represented bear skins that were shed during the ending rites.  These practices seem to go back all the way to the Neolithic era.  Dances were done, carrying baskets of figs, and offerings of mostly feminine items were made this seems to represent that Artemis guides the female to maturity.  This dance to Artemis was called the Arkteia and it represented the wilderness and wild aspects of Artemis and the ideal initiate was around 10 years of age in these practices.  This dance and these rites were mostly based around a Nature cult and the animal and plant life and respect for them.  This deep respect for Nature and the cyclical tides is very Baphometic in essence and her cult still preserves this want to get back to the Muliebral side of Nature.  Artemis was a warden of the forest a parent to all animal life and an ultimate mother to all especially the young female before she is married the virgin is absolutely sacred to Artemis she is seen in this way herself.  This great virgin mother may seem a paradox to the uninitiated but it holds many secrets.


Artemis/Orthia had a cult centered around Sparta that took part in blood rituals and sometimes near death self flagellation ceremonies.   One ritual records that Spartan boys were encouraged to steal cheeses and place them upon the altar and then go back to be whipped from whoever it was stolen from.  Spartan boys were encouraged to steal their meals and if caught take the beating as a lesson and wore barely any clothes even in the cold months.  It is said severe flagellation was an initiation rite for Spartans but was also done in devotion.  It is said a wooden statue of Artemis-Orthia was held up be a female priestess and she would say the statue was becoming heavy if not enough blood was shed.  Spartan boys and Woman alike took part in being whipped severely to spill enough blood upon Her altars.  Other forms of ritual were done such as wrestling and other ball games like American football.  There was another ritual that included these exhausted practitioners to storm the altar and try to get to its center as men with whips stood around stopping them at all costs, especially in later times this cult was partially revived and many spectators watched these near death tortures.    Cicero tells us Spartan boys were whipped at the festival of whips so harshly that blood painted the entire altar and to his amazement not a sound was heard from these boys and smiles were worn as they fell into ecstatic trance beyond the flesh.  Towards the end of the Spartan reign Spartans were said to be seen whipping themselves in front of the statues of Artemis sometimes until death some while laughing or making not even a sound or wearing a smile.  It seems quite clear there was a male based and a female based cult that represented the Artemis rites.  The male tradition of Artemis and Her later form as Baphomet are heavily tied to militaristic cults.  The muliebral cult seems to represent a great Bear mother an aspect of the mother that is darker, sterner, more serious.


Ἀρτέμιδος, θυμίαμα μάνναν.

Κλῦθί μου, ὦ βασίλεια, Διὸς πολυώνυμε κούρη,
Τιτανίς, βρομία, μεγαλώνυμε, τοξότι, σεμνή,
πασιφαής, δαιδοῦχε, θεά Δίκτυννα, λοχείη,
ὠδίνων ἐπαρωγὲ καὶ ὠδίνων ἀμύητε,
λυσίζωνε, φίλοιστρε, κυνηγέτι, λυσιμέριμνε,
εὔδρομε, ἰοχέαιρα, φιλαγρότι, νυκτερόφοιτε,
κληισία, εὐάντητε, λυτηρία, ἀρσενόμορφε,
Ὀρθίη, ὠκυλόχεια, βροτῶν κουροτρόφε δαῖμον,
ἀμβροτέρα, χθονία, θηροκτόνε, ὀλβιόμοιρε,
ἣ κατέχεις ὀρέων δρυμούς, ἐλαφηβόλε, σεμνή,
πότνια, παμβασίλεια, καλὸν θάλος, αἰὲν ἐοῦσα,
δρυμονία, σκυλακῖτι, Κυδωνιάς, αἰολόμορφε·
ἐλθέ, θεὰ σώτειρα, φίλη, μύστηισιν ἅπασιν
εὐάντητος, ἄγουσα καλοὺς καρποὺς ἀπὸ γαίης
εἰρήνην τ’ ἐρατὴν καλλιπλόκαμόν θ’ ὑγίειαν·
πέμποις δ’ εἰς ὀρέων κεφαλὰς νούσους τε καὶ ἄλγη

The Fumigation from Manna.

Hear me, Jove’s daughter, celebrated queen,
Bacchian and Titan, of a noble mien:
In darts rejoicing and on all to shine,
Torch-bearing Goddess, Dictynna divine;
O’er births presiding,* and thyself a maid,
To labour-pangs imparting ready aid:
Dissolver of the zone and wrinkl’d care,
Fierce huntress, glorying in the Sylvan war:
Swift in the course, in dreadful arrows skill’d,
Wandering by night, rejoicing in the field:
Of manly form, erect, of bounteous mind,
Illustrious dæmon, nurse of human kind:
Immortal, earthly, bane of monsters fell,
‘Tis thine, blest maid, on woody hills to dwell:
Foe of the stag, whom woods and dogs delight,
In endless youth who flourish fair and bright.
O, universal queen, august, divine,
A various form, Cydonian pow’r, is thine:
Dread guardian Goddess, with benignant mind
Auspicious, come to Mystic rites inclin’d;
Give earth a store of beauteous fruits to bear,
Send gentle Peace, and Health with lovely hair,
And to the mountains drive Disease and Care





Hostia: Baphomet a note on the name.

Orphic Hymns/Hymn to Artemis By: Thomas Taylor.


Wikapedia/cult of orthia.  =Altar image.

ONA/O9A: Baphomet sigil, Baphomet Image.

Secuntra: Baphomet image.

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Google image: Kali.






Hymn to the Triple Headed Goddess (φύσις)

This hymn can be used in devotional service to the triple headed Goddess or can be used as an opening for other rites.  This rite is done weekly by DCA106 Confederates at the main Nexion along with other daily, weekly, and monthly rites.  Each confederate personally imbues a quartz and it is placed upon HER main altar at her Lotus feet to keep a constant connection to all Confederates and the Mother of Physis.  This rite is designed to call upon the Motherly aspects of the feminine but also the entirety of the tripartite feminine.  In this whole aspect she can be seen as a Mother of causal nature a Queen of the earth.  There are many ways to understand this feminine tripartite for example the three aspects of Hecate are usually described as a heavenly (Selene), earthly (Artemis), and cthonic (Persephone).  In 7FW terms this can be described as heavenly (Davcina), earthly (Baphomet), and cthonic (Azanigin) but of course we can shift these around and line them up differently but its not so important to worry about these causal human perceived aspects.  What is important is to realize the diverse traits of the entire Muliebral Feminine.  We see this triple headed Goddess as the Mistress or Queen of the Earth just as Satanas or Noctulius can be seen as her brother or consort very similar to the relationship of the Norse Freya and Freyr.  These archetypes and forces are a lot older than the names Satan and Baphomet but these names can be used to activate their “darker” aspects.  Nature or Physis does not operate in a way that can be described in human words or mortal morality, the words dark and light or “good” and ‘Evil” are simply inadequate and misleading.  As Theos or Krshna and Radhe are seen as the male and female sides of the Acausal the triple headed Goddess can be seen as the female side of the causal.  Physis or Nature was generally seen as a female, the Greeks called her Physis and worshiped her as a sort of time and nature Goddess.  The names chosen in Greek at the end are 106 in number this represents the number of Azanigin she is the 10th Atu and the 6th pathway.  These names appear in the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) as various names for Hecate a couple examples being Agia and Physis.  One can begin to understand the triple headed Goddess by studying the meanings of these names.  The names are as diverse as the aspects of the entire Feminine.  The names chosen relate specifically to her three aspects of Mother of Physis and nature, the earthly huntress, and her Cthonic or underworld aspects.  Some have drawn the connection between Hecate and Baphomet we agree with this correspondence but we also see that she has various aspects we see Baphomet as the same as her Artemis earthy aspect.  Just as the 7FW holds Baphomet as their Queen of the Earth we choose to see her in her complete triple headed aspect and we use the name Azanigin and Aktal maka more frequently than Baphomet this has become our particular tradition.

One can make offerings and incorporate any symbols or particular methods that refelct their own tradition.  You can use this rite to call on a specific aspect of the Muliebral but it really is designed to call upon the entire Feminine Tripartite.  We use this rite weekly to keep the Nexion to HER open and connected to each confederate.  Offerings are made and a deep meditation follows the vibration of the Numinous names.  This is a way for us to stay rooted in the goal to get back to the Muliebral aspects of nature and restore the Earth Mother to her rightful throne.  We ask nothing specific of her in these rites we listen to what she chooses to bestow and we offer blood, flowers, and benedictions etc.  She is the mother of the Draugr and other earth related beings and holds sway over childbirth and the life, Nythra gets you in the moments of death.  The Lord and Lady or Satanas and Baphomet or whatever names you choose to use are the intermediaries between us and THEM.  Through Baphomet/Azanigin we bring them back to earth and call out to them and through Satanas they act and get to us.  In this way these two are the swords or wands of the Nekhala.  The Dark Gods act through Them.  The Tow can be seen as the map of this process.  The Gods act through Saturn which makes its way through the tree and out through the Moon is enacts upon the Causal plane, in the same way one can dissolve by going up.  When the serpent strikes down it creates and when it coils back up all is destroyed.  So with this said the Lord and Lady are the ones who govern or rule the tree, they are the keyholders the doorways to Them and from Them to us.  In the meditation that usually follows the 106 Numinous names we usually chant in devotion of Azanigin in her triple headed form.  We do this using mala beads with 106 beads and use the DCA106 Numinous mantra: AGIA H AZANIGIN AMA H AKTAL MAKA, which is a chant that taps into the coven energies as well as call upon Azanigin in her motherly aspects and Nature and Physis aspects.  Various plants, herbs and substances are sacred to the various aspects and masks of the Goddess but Azanigin in her triple form is the mother of all things causal and earthly.  She is the mother of nature and is heavily tied to the spirits of nature (Dearg Dul/Eulalia), as well as the essences that inhabit animals and plants.  Dogs, Cats, and Serpents are especially linked to her and are usually drawn to her altar space, idols, etc.  She is one third of the demiurgic equation and is extremely fond of all Numinous beings especially those that live according to Wyrd and scream out to her in honest devotion.  She is the Queen of earthly pleasures but also the queen of nightmares.  When called upon in earnest she will come and strip all dross from your life.  In DCA106 we frequently use her early on for this purpose of harsh initiation and assisted culling of dross in ones life.  This is a vampiric pastime and is almost always painful but needed.  The triple headed Goddess represents the entire Acausal Muliebral potency within the Causal realm.



Agia H Azanigin Ama H Aktal Maka
Agia H Azanigin, Agia H Baphomet, Agia H Davcina
Agia Agia Agia H Datkat!
I call Einodian Hecate, lovely Dame,
Of earthly, wat’ry, and celestrial frame,
Sepulchral, in saffron veil array’d,
leas’d with dark ghosts that wander thro’ the shade,
Persian, unconquerable huntress, Hail!
The worlds Key-Bearer never doomed to fail;
On the rough rock to wander three delights,
leader and nurse be present to our rites,
propitius grand our just desires success,
accept our Homage, and the incense bless.
Physis, all parent, ancient, and divine, O Much-mechanic mother, art is thine;
Heav’nly, abundant, venerable queen, in ev’ry part of thy dominions seen.
Untam’d, all-taming, ever splendid light, all ruling, honor’d, and supremly bright.
Immortal, first-born [Protogeneia], ever still the same, nocturnal, starry, shining, glorious dame.
Thy feet’s still traces in a circling course, by thee are turn’d, with unremitting force.
Pure ornament of all the pow’rs divine, finite and infinite alike you shine;
To all things common and in all things known, yet incommunicable and alone.
Without a father of thy wond’rous frame, thyself the father whence thy essence came.
All-flourishing, connecting, mingling soul, leader and ruler of this mighty whole.
Life-bearer, all-sustaining, various nam’d, and for commanding grace and beauty fam’d.
Justice, supreme in might, whose general sway the waters of the restless deep obey.
Ætherial, earthly, for the pious glad, sweet to the good, but bitter to the bad.
All-wife, all bounteous, provident, divine, a rich increase of nutriment is thine;
Father of all, great nurse, and mother kind, abundant, blessed, all-spermatic mind:
Mature, impetuous, from whose fertile seeds and plastic hand, this changing scene proceeds.
All-parent pow’r, to mortal eyes unseen, eternal, moving, all-sagacious queen.
By thee the world, whose parts in rapid flow, like swift descending streams, no respite know,
On an eternal hinge, with steady course is whirl’d, with matchless, unremitting force.
Thron’d on a circling car, thy mighty hand holds and directs, the reins of wide command.
Various thy essence, honor’d, and the best, of judgement too, the general end and test.
Intrepid, fatal, all-subduing dame, life-everlasting, Parca, breathing flame.
Immortal, Providence, the world is thine, and thou art all things, architect divine.
O blessed Goddess, hear thy suppliant’s pray’r, and make my future life, thy constant care;
Give plenteous seasons, and sufficient wealth, and crown my days with lasting, peace and health.
We call upon the serpent hooded goddess
ssssss, 106 ssssss, triple headed, triple faced, the bull,
the dog, the stygian snake,
All nurturing, all giving, all guarding,
take our blood straight from the living,
and bring us boundless harvest,
She-wolf, the black bitch, girt with flaming serpents,
spinner of Webs, Mother of fate,
Agia H Hecate!
Titan born, oh ancient goddess,
arrow shooter, psychopompos,
Somber Queen and Serpent coiled,
Your will be done, In Azoth boiled.
Numinous is she Agios!
106 NUMINOUS NAMES OF HECATE (vibrate or sing):
Orphic Hymns – Thomas Taylor.
Greek Magical Papyri (PGM).

Draugr: A DCA confederate’s experience…

What I know of _____.  In my second insight role I joined an LSD family on the west coast.  During that role I learned to lay crystal LSD onto blotter.  I would usually perform this with no gloves there by receiving a large dose of LSD.   I was laying the blotter in an old house in the Northwest.  I had finished and was sitting on a couch becoming very high on the acid.  I began to see spiders fill the room.  A man with a severe gunshot wound to his head waded through the spiders out of the bedroom.  He strode up to me through the mounds of writhing spiders.  He held out his hand and in a flat dead voice demanded to know my name.  I panicked and the vision broke.  I left the house in a hurry very shaken.  Later, I  found out the man had murdered his family and then killed himself in the house.




Opening the nexion.  In the DCA, we feel many substances are gateways to the acausal.  Datura, cannabis, ritual tobacco, mushrooms, mescaline, etc.  LSD is a major one.  We have several rites involving substances, mostly hallucinogenic, that can aid one in communion with acausal.  While these can aid one, they are by no means required for correspondence with the Void and the entities who move between here and there.   The drug can aid in showing you the way.  If you cannot get back without it you were never really there.  Becoming an addict is unacceptable.





Spare not the rod.  One excellent means of reaching these Draugr is pain and suffering.  While in my next insight I was serving time in prison for burglary.  I had been sent to the hole (solitary confinement) for an altercation with a CO for 10 days.  It doesn’t sound like long but time stretches out and slows to snails pace.  There were no books.  There was nothing to do at all it seemed.  I began to exercise vigorously for hours and fall into exhaustive meditation.  I would self flagellate with a whip made from knotted sheet strips and pencil pieces.  I had use caution, if I were found with the whip or marks on my back I would lose my clothes and get put in a paper smok.  There is also the risk of being placed in the self harm file and relocated to a camp with mental services, a huge hassle. Mental issues raise your custody level, putting you in a more restrictive setting.

Touching the Void.  After a particularly exhaustive exercise routine I collapsed on the concrete floor into a meditative position.  I began to have a vision of my cell filling with spiders.  My fear level spiked and I  began to panic knowing what was coming.  I held my panic in check and began to focus my fear.  I did not see him at first but I could feel him standing behind me.  He began talking.  He said his name was _____.   He claimed to have been conjured by a cult in the 40s and begun a campaign of serial murder.   He loves to possess weak humans and have them kill their families as he had done to the man whom he had first appeared to me as.  He told me many things that I will never repeat.  He can guide the Sinister initiate for a price.  He as well as many others can be reached through our rite of calling the Draugr.  He burned a sigil into the back of my eyelids as a symbol of the pact between he and I.  Pain and suffering are the key to communion with him.  If you approach him with fear and weakness you can expect your suicide to soon follow.  Most likely it will be accompanied by the murder of your loved ones.


The Draugr are Ascended Masters, Azanigin’s vampiric children.  They walked this earth at one time.  While here they learned the secrets of ascension, the pathways between here and the Void.  They feed on and haunt humanity while drifting to and fro through the Nexions.  Most lived violent and dangerous lives.  Many committed heinous acts of terror in order to gather enough Acausal strength to transform into the hideous things they are now. This is our goal, to become them. To take our place as the Draugr Children of Azanigin. AGIA H AZANIGIN AMA H AKTAL MAKA.


Corvus Aosara




Finding the Sinisterly-Numinous in a Causal Role

Above photo taken in Afghanistan, (2012)

“I. What Satanism Is:

a)Satanism is a quest for self excellence/ involving real danger, real challenges, and requiring real courage.  It involves taking your body to and beyond its physical limits of endurance. It involves real action, alone: without the support of friends, comrades, lovers, relations or anyone.  It involves accepting challenges – physical, psychic, intellectual – and triumphing so let by one’s own efforts.  It involves the triumph of pure, individual will and desire.”

—The Hard Realities of Satanism, NAOS


Screenshot_2017-09-16-00-33-02As far as insight roles go, one of the most versatile and in depth roles one could choose is joining the military. Among other things it instills discipline in a years long process and grants access to many potentials. The military is a world in itself and offers as many potential job fields as being in any other organization. One could take up an office job or be on the front lines placing rounds in the skulls of enemies.

The first thing one faces when joining the military is entering basic training. This is where the soldier learns the basic war fighting methods employed by the forces they have joined. This includes all the weapons systems, drill and ceremony, and basic intro to combatives. During this period of time you develop a routine physical fitness training regimen. This training will get one out of the habit of being a lazy human being and get them prepared to do much more challenging physical labor later on. During this time you are also strained on eating. You may have 5 minutes or 30 seconds to eat all of your food and be outside the dining facility in formation. You are given force hydration formations where soldiers are forced to intake 2 QT of water in order to endure the training that will be going on. Training ranges from simple obstical courses to full on war simulations. These courses are not particularly hard but rather serve to weed out the weak and get soldiers bodies in shape to perform combat maneuvers. The soldier is eventually given a test on the physical fitness and a test on their weapons. Failure in either of these may delay or disqualify the soldier from attaining their full soldier status in the military. The most difficult part of basic training is the mass punishment meant to instill discipline in both the unit and the individual soldier. Developing cohesion so that a unit can work together to kill the enemy rather than act as of its simply call of duty and get themselves and possibly their unit killed.

How does this translate over into the sinister? When I joined, I had not ever heard of the ONA or anything like it. But looking back, after  everything has value. Physical fitness is one of the cornerstones of sinister philosophy. The conditioning received in the military allows the sinister adept to push themselves further than they previously could. There are also many survival techniques taught throughout the military. For instance, there is a school called Survive Evade Resist Escape (SERE) which outlines how to evade capture and handle being a prisoner of war. This also outlines a lot of political shit that has no place in the military, but then again this is the military of a nation that fears upsetting any other nation from their Geneva Convention and NATO and as a result prevents many soldier actions that would allow for soldiers to win wars with no questions asked. This is the age where socially acceptable training, Fair Warfare, and where being too brutal to an enemy about to be killed is punishable by its own humiliating laws. I saw this myself seeing how techniques of torture used to gain information from the enemy began to change with time to almost not existing. Regardless, the training is still beneficial to the sinister adept who wishes to potentially create something more exoteric in this world. This is also an insight role that doesn’t block off other potential roles like prison may potentially do. The discipline also aides you in learning to pretend to be something else when necessary, to blend in when needed. Ultimately this role will allow the initiate to take on the role of the Drecc far more efficiently than any other role, after all is not a Drecc labeled as the sinister warriors of the ONA? One must keep focus each day as they are broken down, they must fight to maintain who they are inside and not be completely lost just as any proper insight role should achieve.

Further time in the military may warrant a potential to take on the culling of an enemy. During my time it was Muslims, the simple minded hit and run soldiers. You are also given the opportunity to learn from their tactics and see first hand how your nation reacts to such tactics. One has the chance to rub elbows with people from all walks of life and this can be extremely helpful to the initiate later in their path whether this be legal or illegal activities these connections could not have been made otherwise.

The military is a very strict place to live. If one is single (unmarried) they may be required to live in the barracks and as such may not be able to perform ritual often and may be subject to random inspections and intrusions on behalf of the command in order to get the other single solders to not live as slobs. This may lead to you having to adapt yourself to perform ritual. I personally used to tape my fire alarm up and burn incense when I could anyways, but many rituals simply cannot be done from a barracks. These rituals I learned to internalize creating a visualized ritual chamber in my mind, teaching myself to avoid distractions that cause the entire mental image to collapse. This has hindered my ability to learn the chants early on, but it has helped me to create a more powerful approach to ritual in itself. There are no holidays in war. This is one thing I would tell myself from time to time when I was unable to perform ritual due to training or any other interruption. Fellow soldiers and almost every military are far from accommodating to soldiers and ones ritual needs. According to the Army, ones religious beliefs must fit within the already rigorous regulations that exist within the military. There is not much the army will allow an exception to policy for, and even fewer things the enemy will allow. This is when you learn to internalize ritual on the constant and blend the ritual with normal
Everyday life. This creates a consistent esoteric and exoteric connection, spiritual obstacles are overcome side by side with physical ones this is something you will see in the grade rituals of the 7FW.

There is much the Sinister  initiate can gain in this role such as the physical training, the militaristic techniques and operations, and adaptability. One can take the military and utilize it to perform some exoteric act.  If you are a die hard anarchist or criminal this is the perfect insight role for you. Insights are designed to shock your system alchemically.  If you are free of discipline and responsibility,  the military will give you that perfect shock. The physical training line makes it worthwhile. Its excellent for young initiates to choose the military as a first insight role as opposed to crime. The training you receive can grant you access to things later in life that a regular person could never have. It is a great advantage to be trained for years by your own enemy, much is learned about their strengths and weakness. Some roles do not just grant the needed adversity for permanent change sometimes they plant seeds for future infiltration.

“13. He who stands on he highest pyramid of skulls can see the farthest.” —The 21 Satanic Points


Nemata Azot


Initiation clarification



The first stage initiation was done by a female DCA Initiate as an official sealing of her pact with the Nekhala.  We do not usually take pictures during ritual in this way and we even more rarely try to catch evidence in this mundane causal way, but these are the best we have seen so far as an established coven.

In the above photo it seems to be a figure or man holding its head in its arms with a sort of Shepard staff standing next to him.  It reminded me of Atazoth as the patriarchal Grandfather type energy who is the most powerful of all the Dark Gods and maybe the oldest.  As an early or the first emanation of chaos or azoth from the void.  I also in the days following the rite read about a Draugr in old Norse myths that bites a Shepard  and he himself becomes a Draugr.

In the second photo below a reaper can clearly be seen and even a sickle right in front of the mirror.  Upon speaking about what it could be Nythra came to mind as well as a few other Nekhala such as Falcifer, but what we believe is that these images are of Draugr that surround our ritual space and initiates and began to surround this new initiate upon her final vowing of the pact of initiation into the ways.  The initiate reports an immense amount of power in the presence but did not see any clear visions.  It was the initiation rite from Naos so beyond visualization not much is to be seen during the rite.   Resized952017091395142449_2.jpg Picture taken and rite done by: Katania Satanara